eBay Custom Connector

The project aims to create custom connector with eBay in Power automate and allow creating inventory, policies and offer functionalities using eBay REST.

Technologies and Standards

Custom Connector

Challenges before Automation

• No eBay connector available in Power automate
• No way to create eBay listing from the existing PowerApps.


Custom connectors are a crucial part of the Power Platform ecosystem, as they allow users to integrate external services into their Power Apps and Power Automate workflows. 


We published this custom connector as an independent publisher and contributed it to the Power Platform community, providing a valuable tool for other users to leverage. 


Please find the link to the Microsoft documentation of the custom connector that we published: 

eBay (Independent Publisher) – Connectors | Microsoft Learn 


• Created a custom connector with OAuth 2.0 authentication with eBay.
• Created Definitions for eBay REST API endpoints available for Inventory, Account and Offer.
• PowerApps able to create the inventory, create Offer and publish the offer in eBay using the connector created.

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