Enjoy ChatGPT-like conversations with your own documents.

Experience the power of ChatGPT with your own documents using our innovative app. With ChatGPT Powered by Your Data, you can seamlessly integrate your unique content into a familiar ChatGPT interface, whether in the Power Platform or as an external website, our app revolutionizes your document interactions.
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Technologies and Standards

Power Apps, Power Automate, Azure App Services, Azure Blob Storage, OpenAI, Custom Connector

Key Features:

Chat with Your Own Documents:

  • Chat naturally with multiple documents stored in your cloud, whether they’re in SharePoint Document Library or Azure Blob Storage by Leverage the intelligence of ChatGPT while discussing your specific content.
  • If it doesn’t find the relevant data within your documents, then it provide the response based on the ChatGPT’s data.

Similar UI within the Power Platform:

  • Experience the similar user interface as ChatGPT directly within the Power Platform, either in canvas APP or Power Pages or Similar User Experience within the PVA chatbot.

Seamless Document Upload:

  • Easily upload and manage documents to help train the AI model for your specific needs.


Copy Chatbot’s Responses:

  • Easily copy the generated responses of DocsChatBot’s with a Single Click for other uses.


Streamlined Training:

  • Train the model effortlessly by uploading documents or by using the data of public URLs directly from the user-friendly app interface.

Business Need:

  • Streamline interactions with large document volumes.
  • Extract relevant information from documents efficiently.
  • Improve workflows, especially in document-intensive tasks.
  • Customize AI solutions for accuracy and relevance.

Solution Highlights:

  • Natural conversations with your own documents using ChatGPT Model.
  • ChatGPT like UI experience within the Power Platform.
  • Seamless integration with the Power Platform.
  • Real time conversation with documents
  • Easy AI model training with cloud documents.
  • Context-aware responses, even if data isn’t found in documents.
  • Administrative control over the training.

Business Impact:

  • Increased efficiency and reduced manual document search time.
  • Enhanced accuracy and relevance of responses.
  • Versatility for various use cases and industries.
  • Time and cost savings.

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