Integrate Diverse Range of Auctions on Your Software

Here are several types of auctions we help integrate so that you don’t miss any of them on the final software and take the best advantages.

English Auction

It is also known as open ascending price auction. This auction type is quite common among the auction industry. Starting the bid at a low price by the auctioneer, participants bid higher and higher until no one is willing to bid any higher, and the highest bidder wins the item.

Dutch Auction

We help in implementing Dutch auctions where the auctioneer starts the bidding at a high price and gradually lowers it until someone agrees to buy the item at the current price. The primary use of this type of auction is when selling large quantities of goods.

Sealed bid Auction

In a sealed bid auction, participants submit their bids in a sealed envelope, where each bidder doesn't know about the other bidder’s bid. Those who have the highest bid wins the item. This type of auction is often used for selling high-value items, such as real estate.

Reverse auction

In a reverse auction, buyers and bidders compete on the specific maximum bid that they are willing to pay for the item.

Penny Auction

In this type of an online auction, participants are willing to pay a fee for placing a bid. When bidding starts, each bid gradually increases the item's price by a small amount. At the end, the highest bidder wins the item at the final price.

Ticker Auction

Ticker auctions are a type of online auction where the price of an item is displayed as a countdown that ticks down over time. Bidders have to make sure to bid before the countdown reaches zero and the highest bidder at the end of the auction wins the item.

Double auctions

Double auctions are a type of auction where both buyers and sellers can submit bids and offers simultaneously. The final price of the item is decided based on the match between the highest bid and the offer. This type of auction is commonly used in stock markets and for buying and selling various assets.

Vickrey Auction

This is a sealed-bid type of auction where the highest bidder wins but pays the second-highest bid price. If your auction store is related to art and other valuable items, this type of auction would be perfect for you.

Seat Auction

Seat auctions are a type of auction where bidders compete for a seat or spot for buying, such as for sporting events or concerts. The highest bidder wins the right to purchase the seat at the final price.

Functionality of Auction Software The Way You Want

  • User panels for each user
  • User profiles and Auction notifications
  • Ease of Inventory management
  • Search and filters functions
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Payment system
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Customer support & Security

Our Auction Software Development Solutions

For more than 12 years, our feature-rich auction software has helped businesses develop their brands, boost revenues, and encourage the most bidder engagement.

Build your brand

With Artesian, you have total control over the look and feel of your online auction platform. Our technology enables you to design your bidding platform to seamlessly blend into your current website, ensuring brand consistency and a positive user experience from beginning to finish.

Auction Management Tools

You can effortlessly build, submit, and manage your online auctions with Artesian's tools. Having a comprehensive bidder management system, payment gateways, multi-currency capabilities, watch lists, auction notifications, limitless images, and auto-refresh functionality

eCommerce Functionality

To allow customers to make direct purchases from your website, our sophisticated technology offers an eCommerce package that is completely integrated. You have the freedom to manage inventories and boost sales since assets can be simply transferred from an auction to a direct sales platform.

Mobile Responsive

All phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are perfectly receptive to our technology. For a truly mobile bidding experience with live audio and video from anywhere in the world, each page will reformat and change automatically to fit your customer's screen as best as possible.


With its wealth of features, our technology is adaptable enough to give you customised, personalized reports that can satisfy any need. Reports may be quickly and simply configured either after installation or if your needs change.

Easy Catalogue Editing

Our administration solutions for auctions are quick and simple to use, both at your workstation and during the sale. On-the-go updates and new picture uploads are possible, and any modifications made using the auction administration tools are immediately published.

Buyer Invoicing

With Artesian, you may invoice customers directly from the platform in a simple and straightforward manner. The invoice will also be shown in the customer's online account and be available for payment; customers who have outstanding debts may always receive mass reminders.

Multi Language/Currency

You may publish translated lot descriptions straight to the auction program and online catalogue using Artesian. To make it easier for prospective purchasers from across the world to explore your auction, the platform provides native translations and can handle as many languages as necessary.

Secure Online Payments

For you and your customers, the security of online transactions is crucial., Paytrace, NMI, and many other payment gateway integrations are supported by Artesian. For the UK and EU markets, we also provide 3D Secure Bidder Verification through SagePay.

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Why Artesian For Auction Sofftware Development Services?

There are several reasons to choose us for your auction software development needs:

Customized Software: We understand each business works differently and has unique requirements. That’s why we serve to meet the custom needs of startups in the auction community. Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and create a platform that exceeds your expectations.

Auction Specialists Team: Our team has extensive experience in developing auction software for businesses of all sizes. Each specialized developer stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Unmatched Quality: We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality software solutions that are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. We can help you develop auction software to streamline your auction process so that you can run a profitable business.

Competitive pricing: We offer competitive pricing for our auction software development services, without compromising on quality or functionality.

On going support: We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your software is always running smoothly and efficiently. You can feel free to get in touch any time to get answers to your questions or concerns.

More about our services

As a firm that develops auction software, we specialize in creating intricate auction web applications that support top brands all over the world.

Timed Auctions

Timed Auctions powered by Artesian enable your customers to interact with your brand directly on a fully designed platform that is effortlessly linked into your website.

Auction Portals

Utilize the potential of cross-product advertising by building various business or department-specific auction portals on a single website.

Hybrid Auctions

Unique to Artesian customers, hybrid auction technology provides an inventive and captivating solution for auctioneers and purchasers.

Webcast Auctions

Your purchasers may share the excitement of a live auction in HD from anywhere in the globe thanks to our best in class live online auction technology.

Auction Websites

With a custom website solution created and built to match your needs and the expectations of your customers, you can re-engage your audience.

Digital Marketing

Develop your brand and expand your customer base with a successful end-to-end digital marketing plan.

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