Our Automotive Dealership Software Solutions

For years, we've been offering tailored solutions that major automobile dealerships utilize to automate their day-to-day operations and gain efficiency. Automotive dealerships rely on us to provide secure, adaptable software that integrates with their ERP system for customer, parts, and financial data. To achieve so, we depend on our extensive experience in bespoke software development, platform development, systems integration, cloud services, and backend systems.

Automotive Software Development

Artesian's key competency is software development. We've been successfully providing end-to-end software programs to automate diverse automobile dealership processes since 2012. In addition, we are making significant advances in payment processing, which will result in significant financial advantages.

Automotive Software Testing

Our quality control and testing technique is always in accordance with industry standards. Every piece of code is tested, whether in a simulated environment, on actual hardware, or in the field with real automobiles. We use cloud-based DevOps, which enables for automated testing and continuous delivery, to improve software quality and shorten the development lifecycle.

UI/UX Design

Our design-centric approach to creating and constructing systems utilized by big dealerships around the United States has resulted in the highest levels of user acceptance.`` To improve all areas of the UI/UX, we do extensive user research. Our goal is to boost efficiency and acceptance across all user groups while also enhancing the user experience with mobile features.

Big Data and Data Processing

Artesian has vast experience developing large data processing solutions for automakers. We understand how to handle huge amounts of in-vehicle data, sensor data, and real-time traffic data. We can design relevant analytics dashboards for speedier decision-making thanks to our data visualization capabilities.

DevOps and Cloud-based Development

At Artesian, we use a DevOps approach to development to assist automotive firms in making the most of high-performance cloud systems. We use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other cloud services to provide scalability, continuous improvement, and increased efficiency for automobile dealerships.

Integrations with Legacy DMS Systems

Artesian integrates all new technologies with historical dealer management systems using its enormous knowledge and insight. This aids in data integration and enhances adoption rates throughout an automobile dealership's departments.

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Our Best-In-Class Automotive Dealership Software Development Expertise

As a top-rated automotive dealership software development firm, Artesian develops, creates, and delivers highly engaging and simplified user-centric apps to various dealership divisions. We assist them with inventory, service appointment scheduling, cost management process, accounting, and other tasks as needed.

Our skilled developers use cutting-edge technologies like as IoT and cloud computing to provide distinctive, result-oriented, and personalized IT services to dealerships worldwide. Artesian delivers greatness on a budget with a team of reputable developers, testers, and business analysts.

Our Automotive Dealership Expertise

As experts in bespoke software development, we specialize in creating complicated web apps for major automobile dealership brands all over the world. The following are examples of how we interact with various aspects/departments of a car dealership.

Inventory Management

We assist our clients in completing their inventory swiftly by utilizing rapid scanners and RFID tags. They can also quickly find a car or a part.

Docs and Deal Management

We precisely connect all papers to a specific agreement using the most recent scanners and document management tools. We also work with courier firms to pick up and deliver tangible papers to various interested parties.

Appointment Scheduling

Twilio is used to develop a smart appointment booking system that uses calls and SMS. Using established procedures, advisors are automatically allocated to calls. In addition, we record all interactions between the customer and the adviser in order to resolve any disputes and do sentiment analysis.

Payment Providers

You can use whatever payment source you like. We support Vantiv, Braintree, Stripe, and other payment processors. The program allows you to manage lanes and scanners.

Expense Management

You can choose how expenses will be approved. Limits can be set and approvers can be assigned. You may also divide the costs across different retailers and departments.

Repair Order Management

All repair orders are shown in a queue, and advisers may view the progress of each order. Customers may be provided ROs, and signatures can be captured on the tablet. Printing on paper is therefore reduced.

Vendor Management

Within the software, you may define vendors and handle their payments. Payment can be made using online payment providers or by digital checks through Checkbook.io.

IoT & Embedded Solutions

Embedded systems that provide connection across numerous touchpoints and collect rich data and actionable insights from a variety of sources

Dealer Management System

We effortlessly link our software with dealer management systems such as DealerTrack to ensure that all legacy data is preserved. We can interface with other dealer management systems that our clients already use.

Projects Done By Our Software Engineers

Here are some projects that are completed by our dedicated offshore Indian programmers.

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