Our Successfully Completed Projects

Here are our most successful projects completed by our dedicated offshore Indian programmers.

AuctionWorx Development & Customization Services

Develop and customize an unmatched Auctionworx auction store that’s powerful, user-loving, and secured. Build a scalable business with an auction website today

What Do You Get in AuctionWorx Auction Website Development

AuctionWorx software development services are designed to help businesses create custom auction software solutions tailored to their unique needs and requirements. The software will be customized according to your specifications, including design, functionality, and features. With 5+ years of the domain experience, we can now say we are unmatched in the services we offer:
  • RainWorx Software Development
  • AuctionWorx Customization
  • AuctionWorx Migration & Upgrading
  • Adding Extra Features
  • Third Party Apps Integration

Custom AuctionWorx Software Development Lifecycle

Being an auctioneer comes with the great responsibility to keep the sellers and buyers on the same page. Thanks to our AuctionWorx Enterprise Software Developers who help you leverage all the unique features of the online auction platform and beyond. We employ customized development practices that’s based on your niche market. Whether you need tweaks on your website or you want entirely new functions, you will get it done by professionals in a more customizable manner. Take a look at how we proceed with custom Auctionworx development:

1. Planning
Our team of developers sit together with all the relevant industry information in mind to explore the possibilities and come up with creative and innovative solutions as per your expectations.

2. Defining
Once analysis is completed, we define custom auction website needs as per the specific requirements.

3. Development
It’s time for our Auctionworx Rainworx software developers to start building what needs to be done using their years of knowledge, proven techniques and methodologies.

4. Testing
With the goal of developing a top quality e-auction platform, we test to identify any defects, errors, or bugs. We ensure 100% functionality, performance, security, and usability.

5. Deployment
The final software is being deployed and configured correctly to make it ready to use by the end users.

6. Maintenance
We want you to get the most of your auction website every day. Therefore, we help with ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the software remains up-to-date and fully functional.

Why Should You Hire Experienced AuctionWorx Developer From Us

1. Mobile Friendly: Our experienced Auctionworx developers are highly skilled to design and develop online auction marketplace that’s easy for the mobile users as well. We build responsive layouts and interactive designs.

2. Domain Expertise: Our dedicated team of Auctionworx software developers have been working for years. They know the ins and outs of the auction industry while working for the auction based businesses and companies.

3. Fast & Efficient Development: We believe in delivering the best quality work in the fastest time possible. We eliminate your hassle to double check the end product once developed.

4. 100% Transparency: We understand the importance of clear communication to maintain the 100% transparency on both sides. Our experienced AuctionWorx developers keep you updated during the entire tenure of the project.

5. Better Quality: Been working on many projects over the years, our auction site developers have encountered a wide range of challenges and successfully resolved them. That’s why we pride in producing high-quality websites that are well-designed, user-friendly, and meet your business needs.

Why Should You Choose AuctionWorx Enterprise Software For Your Online Auction

AuctionWorx empowers the business of all sizes of online auction marketplaces from large corporations to small startups. The software is a perfectly designed online auction platform to enable businesses to run product auctions and make profitable deals.

Key benefits of using AuctionWorx Enterprise:

Multiple listing formats – Auctionworx allows you to list your products in multiple formats including standard auctions, fixed price sales, classified ads, and make offers.

eCommerce functionality – Auctionworx creates an auction cum ecommerce platform with features like sales invoices, taxes and reports and customers can do secure payments through PayPal, Authorize.Net and Stripe.

Single and multiple sellers support – It allows users to list their own products or third party vendors to promote their listings with an optional charge fee.

Mobile-optimized – A mobile friendly site gives flexibility to businesses to create and manage auctions anytime, anywhere, via mobile devices.

Fully encrypted and SSL protected store – It promotes higher protection of the users with built-in SSL security and encryption technology to ensure all stored auction data is safe and

AuctionWorx UI Customizations

Create a clean cut, modern and responsive AuctionWorx website for your business. At Artesian, we help you in building your dream landing page that matches your company profile and culture. We have done extremely beautiful UI customisations for more than 20 AuctionWorx customers. UI customisations range from very basic home page design to very exhaustive upgrades where all the pages of the platform are changed to match the home page design. We work with our customers to understand their vision and target audience and then suggest a design for their needs.
Custom Header
Home page banner
Custom Footer
Sidebar Menu
1 Week Maintenance
Get Started
Everything in Basic Plan
Featured items Section
Newsletter Section
Browse Page
2 Weeks Maintenance
Get Started
Everything in Advanced
Listing Detail Page
5 Additional Pages
Whole site UI review
1 Month Maintenance
Get Started
Everything in Premium
All pages except Admin
$200 for each new page
SEO Meta Update
3 Months Maintenance
Get Started

AuctionWorx Functionality Customizations

AuctionWorx is highly customizable and we have done wide range of functionality related customisations for more than 30 customers. We have implemented some very complex customisations that require high level of proficiency with AuctionWorx platform. We have also integrated many third party offerings with AuctionWorx.
Our experienced developers are available for hire @ 30 USD per hour. Minimum hours of billing is 20 hours.

Customize AuctionWorx as per your business needs

Below is a list of customizations that we have done for our proud customers

  • Block Content such as sharing of phone numbers, email address, Url of any other site etc. This is blocked at various places such as listing creation, Invoice comments, Messaging etc.
  • Revoke buying privileges in case buyer is making too many purchases in a very short time without paying previous invoices.
  • Generate new invoice for sellers once Admin sends them the invoice for payment. So once Admin sends out an invoice to sellers then the new fees will be added to new invoice instead of updating the previous one. This helps in accounting.
  • Integration with Twilio for SMS. SMS is sent for 2 Factor Authentication, Outbid SMS, Watchlist closing soon SMS, Event closing soon SMS etc. Admin can decide a window where SMS will not be sent such as from 9 PM to 9 AM.
  • Integration with Kijiji such that whenever an item is added/edited in AuctionWorx then the same gets posted to Kijiji. Also added a section in the admin section for Kijiji settings.
  • Integration with ShipStation API. Implemented it in such a manner so that each seller can add their own credentials and can manage their own shipments from the ShipStation portal.
  • Integration with Stripe payment gateway. Modified already available integration such that we re-authenticate the bidder’s card and charge 1 USD, once he bids on the first item of any event. This amount will be automatically refunded in one week’s time.
  • Integration with Square payment gateway.
  • Integration with CarInfo API. Instead of filling all the details of the car, user enters their car registration number and all the details and car’s history is fetched from CarInfo API.
  • Integration with PersonNummer while registration. It is for authentication of users based in Sweden.
  • Magnify/Enlarge listing image on hover on listing detail page.
  • Discount Code. Admin can define discount codes and discount amount/percentage in the Admin panel for sellers as well as buyers.
  • Show distance and show listings sorted by distance from buyer’s zip code.
  • Bulk transfer auction to BuyNow and BuyNow to auction listings. This is for Admin users so that at any point if they want to move their items to Auction or vice versa then they can do that.
  • Bulk edit and delete listings functionality. This helps in managing items in bulk if you have high number of listings to manage. You can modify their end date etc in bulk to save time.
  • Shrink listing/lot images before uploading. This will help in saving space and fast response time when buyers are browsing detail pages.
  • Block Users from changing payment setting such as card details if they have bid on an item or have a fee due.
  • Seller can send link for access draft event to any email id and they can edit the lot without logging into the system. This way seller can delegate his work to other users in the office.
  • Add Charity functionality in the admin section so that Admin can define various charity orgs and while creating a listing seller can choose which charity org they want to support. On each listing posted by seller admin will add 1 dollar to the charity org of their choice. Create a Report for charity in the admin section.
  • Custom reports and dashboards/charts to give consolidated picture of the business as per individual needs.

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