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Artesian is a leading Custom App Development and Power App Development Company that empowers businesses by developing high-end, AI-backed custom apps tailored to their specific needs. We help you develop robust, flexible, scalable and secure web and mobile applications that streamline your business operations and increase revenue.

Partner With The Best Custom Development Company & Get Ready To Transform Your Business Digitally And Achieve Your Growth Goals.

Power Apps

Transform your ideas into organizational solutions & modernize your processes by developing custom apps that work across the web and mobile.

Power Automate

Create automated workflows between apps and services to synchronize data and streamline processes for improved efficiency and productivity.

Power Virtual Agents

Create powerful AI bots to quickly and broadly respond to the questions of your employees and customers and resolve their issues.

Power BI

Leverage business intelligence to flawlessly share information with all and make smart and better business decisions based on data-driven insights.

What We Offer - Our Custom App Development Services

Your business growth is what we aim for the most. Hence, we develop custom solutions using Microsoft Technologies that aid you in platform-wide modernization and overall digital transformation of your business. From designing to development and consulting, we are at your service as and when you need.

Digital Transformation

We help you undergo a comprehensive business transformation to enhance your digital capabilities & offer exceptional end-user experience.

Power Platform Development

We can develop low-code business applications using Microsoft Power Platform that can be easily integrated with your existing apps.

Web App Development

With our exceptional web app development using various Microsoft Technologies, we help you modernize your legacy systems, and ensure reliable software integration.

AuctionWorx Customization

Apart from creating a clean and responsive AuctionWorx site, we also develop custom functionality that enables you to run your AuctionWorx website as per business needs.

Cloud Migration

Our experienced cloud architects can help you move your data, applications and other business documents from on-premise servers to a more secure cloud environment.

Business Application Development

We help you accelerate your business growth by leveraging the power of Microsoft technologies and developing high-end solutions.

Dynamics 365 Development

We help develop, implement, and test solutions that connect a company’s processes, unify them and boost their performance.

Mobile App Development

We can create interactive mobile apps that match your brand and let your customers access your services at their fingertips. 

eCommerce Development

Get your interactive e-commerce store for your retail business created by Artesian experts. Sell products globally through a sturdy, user-friendly e-commerce marketplace. 

DevOps Consulting & Engineering

Our experts employ DevOps capabilities to accelerate software development. You can get the most out of your infrastructure and resources with our consulting services.

Artesian Development & Consulting Experts - Serving Diverse Industry Verticals

We offer custom software development services and business transformation across many different industries globally. As the best-in-class software outsourcing company in India, we deliver modern solutions to assist internet-facing, collaborative, and professional settings with a focus on optimization and expansion.


Major developments like monitoring and networking are fundamentally altering the automotive industry. OEMs and Tier 1 firms are already considering acquiring new business models and adapting their product strategy to the current state of the market.


We build custom healthcare solutions to help health systems, hospitals, clinics, and other providers to enhance patient care, balance costs, and secure PHI.

Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a game changer for businesses, empowering them to work smarter through intelligent, linked gadgets.


Accelerate the pace of digital innovation and welcome a new era of finance software development with Artesian. You ask for a new tech solution.

Auction Software

People have been purchasing and selling items through auctions for hundreds of years. Now online auction sites are a traditional part of everyday life.


At Artesian, we help retail brands embrace digital transformation to succeed in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

Most Trusted Software Development Company Since 2012

Our offshore software development services are geared to deliver the results that you simply expect from your IT outsourcing partner. Truthfulness, lucidity, and a collaborative approach may be a start. Also, the environment at Artesian fosters creative energy, communication, and collaboration!

A lot goes into determining who we are, from our technological proficiency to our values and how we interact with one another. As one of the best software development companies, we have a flat organizational structure and uphold our values even in the most trying situations. Every aspect of how we do business reflects our enthusiasm for technology. Our development expertise is complemented by a long experience using technology solutions to generate considerable economic value.

Being a talented team is one thing; executing tasks as a single, cohesive unit is quite another. At Artesian Software Technologies, we take pride in how our teamwork accentuates each team member’s strengths. We can say this after delivering 100+ successful projects. Most of our business is from our frequent clients.

Outsourcing Software Development to Artesian = Peace of Mind

Talk to us about your product or service, and we would be happy to guide you with the best of our expertise. This is entirely free of cost!

You have toiled numerous hours to determine your company’s requirements, hoping they are accurate. Before concluding that you have all the information you need to start creating your product or handing over the development of your current product to a development team, you may have also spoken with several subject matter experts. But here’s the problem… How “you see it” may not necessarily be how developers perceive your product. 

Using Microsoft solutions, the right tools, and frameworks may make all the difference to your project. We at Artesian Software Technologies recognize the importance of this fact, thus before we begin implementing, we assist you in selecting the best technologies for “your” particular business case.

Not only that, but our technology experts and business analysts extensively investigate your business needs before laying up a project design that leaves little room for error throughout development. Additionally, we provide you with a free preliminary consultation that includes a technical analysis and feasibility study to highlight any flaws in your current strategy. Why then wait? Send us your business needs right now.

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Technologies & Frameworks Our Developers Proficient In

As a leading business transformation and custom software development agency, we use splendid technologies to achieve various benefits for your business including:

Low/No Code

Our development team has assisted a number of clients with customization and integration projects on various platforms, including:


We are top software outsourcing service providers proficient in all current mobile platforms and technologies. You are guaranteed excellence and competence if you hire us for your mobile app initiatives.

Frontend & Full Stack

Develop online and mobile applications using full-stack technologies and JavaScript. As a custom development company, we ensure to employ the most recent front-end frameworks for interactive web fronts when you choose our software outsourcing services.


Develop online apps that are interactive, secure, and scalable. As a leading software outsourcing services provider, we have specialists with knowledge of backend technologies that can build a solid software foundation.


Our development team has assisted a number of clients with customization and integration projects on various platforms, including:


We assist our clients in achieving their business objectives by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including:

Why Choose Us!

Great Teamwork

Having talented team members is one thing and pulling things off as one, cohesive unit is another. At Artesian, we take pride in that our teamwork equally complements the skills of our team members.

Great Communication

Communication is a meaningful exchange of information between two or a group of people (courtesy: textbooks). At Artesian Software Technologies, however, we have an altogether different notion of communication.

Great Passion

There is no better fuel than to see our customers own a beautiful piece of software built by us, that does wonders for their business. We go to great lengths to see you achieve your business goals.

Great Skills

There are programmers, and then there are programmers! …and we are the latter ones. We don’t just write code. We read between the lines. Literally!

Simple, Effective, Beautiful… These are some of the synonyms of our work.

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