Our Healthcare Software Development Solutions

We create tailored healthcare solutions to assist health systems, hospitals, clinics, and other providers in improving patient care, balancing costs, and safeguarding PHI.

We aspire to provide powerful IoT apps and superior healthcare mobile app development solutions to healthcare providers in order to improve results across the whole care journey. We are now utilizing our web, mobile, and medical devices to create tailored IoT apps and allow next-generation quality of care.

  • AI-driven movement data analysis
  • Mobile-optimized medication and procedure reminders
  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM)
  • Disease management
  • Health data collection and analytics

Our healthtech experience in EMR and EHR software development assists healthcare businesses of all sizes in altering their processes to improve service quality. We have expertise developing bespoke EMR solutions that provide your clinical team with access to all patient data, including basic vitals, medical history, ICD-10 codeTours, prescriptions, allergies, and test results.

  • Interactive patient portals
  • Advanced decision support
  • Streamlined interoperability
  • Population health management
  • Smarter care coordination
  • Building APIs for PACS, HIE etc

Our customized mHealth applications may be built for any type of smart mobile device inside your business in order to automate and boost healthcare staff productivity on a daily basis. Our mHealth applications are quick, convenient, and simple to use for anybody who understands how a smartphone works.

  • Mobility for personnel
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Better patient involvement
  • Interactive 3D anatomical models
  • Branded healthcare apps
  • Technology innovation

Our bespoke population health management platform enables healthcare providers to use their own data to improve patient experiences, affect community health, and save costs. With all of the relevant information readily available and accessible 24 hours a day, your clinical team can begin offering value-based care on a community scale.

  • Discover gaps in care
  • Measure patient outcomes
  • Streamline payer relations
  • Stratify health risks
  • Outline sub-populations
  • Drive patient engagement

Healthcare Business Intelligence Solutions

Our bespoke BI solutions for healthcare providers are customized and developed to meet their unique needs and objectives. Our customized BI solutions improve health outcomes and patient happiness.

  • Data discovery, warehousing and ETL
  • OLAP and data visualization
  • Reporting and interactive dashboards
  • Drive down operational costs
  • Drive clinical decision making
  • Ensure privacy and data security

Digital Transformation Solutions

Our proprietary software provides unique solutions to healthcare providers and accelerates their digital transformation journey. We help healthcare practitioners enhance outreach and improve treatment by streamlining communication, allocating clinical resources more efficiently, and improving patient involvement.

  • Real-time interactive solutions
  • Remote patient monitoring solutions
  • Store and forward solutions
  • Dynamic 3D models
  • VR-assisted methodologies
  • Video-based telehealth solutions

Medical Image Analysis

We produce medical picture analysis software using ML technology, as specialists in healthcare mobile app development, to successfully analyze this data and generate detailed and actionable information on patient problems.

  • Improving diagnostics
  • Enhancing treatment
  • Ensuring patient safety
  • Boosting public health
  • Treatment quality improvement
  • Advancing AR/VR in healthcare

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Why Artesian For Healthcare App Development Services?

Artesian offers dependable healthcare application development services with shorter reaction times and a higher ROI. Employ well-trained healthcare mobile app development teams who are professionals in providing healthcare mobile app development services and delivering unique, best-in-class solutions. As one of the best healthcare application development firms, we ensure that you obtain services that are creative and personalized to your needs.

Our Healthcare Specialties

As a healthcare app development business, we specialize in creating complicated medical web apps for prominent healthcare companies all over the world.

Clinical Workflow Automation

We assist healthcare providers and professionals in automating tedious and repetitive procedures associated with hospital asset tracking and revenue cycle management.

Data Analytics

Huge volumes of unstructured data from various sources are analyzed by our healthcare app developers to create interactive dashboards that non-tech people may easily understand.

IoHT Solutions

Our IoT specialists provide IoHT solutions for medical equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Remote Care

We offer remote chronic and emergency treatment for real-time telemedicine solutions.


We provide smooth, all-encompassing connectors to improve legacy system interoperability and healthcare mobile app development.

Compliance Fit

Our healthcare application development teams produce and implement HIPAA-compliant data storage for scalable-driven architecture design.

Projects Done By Our Software Engineers

Here are some projects that are completed by our dedicated offshore Indian programmers.

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