We specialize in Microsoft-Centric Solutions Development and Integration

App Development

Painstaking experience with conceiving, translating and bringing to reality, innovative technology ideas using the latest Microsoft tools and frameworks and an unrelenting focus on User Experience is what defines us!

Database Solutions

SQL or No-SQL, howsoever big or complex your data, our database veterans will find it to their appetite. Database modeling, Analytics, Complex Reporting, Mining, Archiving, ETL, Warehousing...We are game!

Cloud Solutions

Looking to move your app to the Cloud? Whatever your Cloud-based requirement, we shall deliver it with a perfect silver-lining!


Allow us to help you carve the finest and sleekest of Mobile Apps for your business. We know Windows Phone/RT and Windows Metro App Development inside out! Look into our portfolio section and find your muse...

Solutions crafted with love!

Our  Customers  couldn’t agree more. Check out some of the better ones below.

  • "We approached Artesian Software Technologies to build us an end-to-end Test Data Publishing tool and we were impressed with their knowledge and attention to detail."

    - Arunava Chatterjee, MD, Mosaic Technologies

  • "As always, the work done by Artesian Software Technologies is stellar!"

    - Shashi, CTO, Cognika Inc

  • "I don't remember if there has been a team we have ever worked with that so much superseded our technology expectations. "

    - Dan Morris, Founder - MorrisDev Inc.

Great Teamwork!

Having talented team-members is one thing and pulling things off as one, cohesive unit is another. At Artesian Software Technologies, we take pride in the fact that our teamwork equally complements the skills of our team members ... Don't believe us? Get to work with us and see us orchestrate our forces to your tunes.

Great Communication!

Communication is defined as a meaningful exchange of information between two or a group of person (courtesy : textbooks). At Artesian Software Technologies however, we have an altogether different notion for Communication. For us Communication happens when we can feel the same passion as our customers do for their businesses and can synergize with the same vision that our customers have for their products.

Great Skills!

There are programmers and then there are programmers! ...and we are the later ones. We don't just write code. We read between the lines. Literally!
Simple, Effective, Beautiful... These are some of the synonyms to our work. A great blend of experience and agility, every developer with us comes in with an average experience of 6 years, each one of them meticulously handpicked and brain-washed to imbibe our enormous passion, vision and legacy :-)

Great Passion!

There is no better fuel than to see our customers own a beautiful piece of software built by us, that does wonders for their business. At Artesian Software Technologies, we go great lengths to see you achieve your business goals, because in your success lies ours! We are so passionate about our work that it is not uncommon for us to see ourselves out-performing and over-delivering...Just one of the things we keep doing to bring a smile to your face :-)

Talk to us about your product or service

You have spent countless hours working out your business requirements hoping they are right. You may also have spoken with quite a few subject matter experts before arriving to this point believing you have enough details to jump into building your product or handing over your existing product development to a development team. But here is the catch... Developers do not always see your product the way "you see it"! When choosing Microsoft solutions, choice of right tools and frameworks can make all the difference to your project. At Artesian Software Technologies we understand the vitality of this fact and before we start implementing, we help you choose the right set of tools that suit "your" business case.

That's not all, our technology veterans and business analysts dig and delve into every nook and corner of your business requirements until a thoroughly exhaustive blue-print of your project is laid out allowing hardly any scope for a slip-up during development. What's more, we offer you a preliminary consultancy run-through, which includes a brief feasibility and technical analysis report, aimed to expose any loopholes in your existing plan, completely free of cost! So why wait? Drop us your business requirements now...

When it comes to disruptive technology innovation, Artesian Software Technologies stands at the bleeding edge side of it...just one of the things that makes us a

Microsoft BizSpark Startup!

Awesome! Right?

Why choose us.

Geeky, Passionate, Punctual, Meticulous, Consistent, Communicative... pick your reason. In all, we just love to be whatever it takes to fit into our customers' shoes...

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Engage customers to cultivate loyalty.


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